Who does it
When Thomas Edison was asked why he had a team of twenty one assistants he said, “If I could solve all the problems myself, I would.” Like Edison, we believe in teamwork. We’re a friendly bunch that, like the puzzle we’re named after, fit together perfectly. We really do have a passion for our work and we bring a range of skills and expertise that complement any job we work on.

Our team are well trained in every aspect of the direct mail process - from design and concept through to mail and despatch - which means we have a thorough understanding of all stages of your project. We understand how each element of a marketing mailer is linked and so provide expert advice every step of the way.

We are honest, reliable and trustworthy in our approach and delivery. If the devil’s in the detail, then we’re demons at accuracy, always taking the time to make sure a job is completed to high standards. But we’re not complacent and we strive to do better each time. Our regular analysis of job results after they leave us means we are always open to any improvements and the team are encouraged to make suggestions for even better processes in future.
A team of mailing experts who understand the intricacies of collation and fulfilment

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