Follow up and reporting

We don’t just give it out, we’ll take it too… mailings, that is, not insults.

Basically, we can handle your mail out, follow up calls and the responses in so you don’t have to.

By using our return address, if you’ve an invitation to an event or a customer survey mailing, we can not only produce it and mail it for you but, we will receive the responses. That information is then pulled together into one comprehensive document and fed back to you, the customer. No hassle, no fuss, just information.

In addition if your looking for comprehensive follow up calls, try our Connection Mail & Call fixed fee bundles. Our marketing and creative direct mail expertise combined with a knowledgeable, well-brief follow up call. We filter the positives from the negatives. So you connect with customers that have a genuine interest in listening to you.

Want an easy way to collate results? Don’t do it yourself. Let us handle the response for you

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