Mail merge and personalise
‘Mail merge and personalise’ sounds quite funky but the idea behind it is simple. The more targeted your mailing campaign is, the more successful it will be. Whether you are approaching new prospects or communicating with existing clients, the personal touch gives a good impression of your company. We specialise in bespoke, creative mailing, targeted to your market audience.

Even if you have an expansive database with unique information for each client (from their address to their inside leg measurement?), we are able to personalise to a high degree, making sure your mailing is targeted and speaking directly to each client in turn.

‘The Personal Touch’ is also a 1980’s album by Oscar Peterson, a great jazz pianist. That is absolutely nothing to do with mail merges but we’d like to think the man would recognise artistry and style… which we’ve got in abundance… even when it came to mailing and fulfilment.
We add that personal touch to make your mailing unique for a standout campaign

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