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Jigsaw CCS Christmas Card

Jigsaw CCS Christmas Card

Take a look at Jigsaw CCS Christmas cards which we have produced from conception throught to completion. Read more

The Teams Bios

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Meet the team

Owners , Rebecca Fahy and Lorna Harling, have worked in marketing and direct mail for over 30 years. Eighteen years of that was spent working in distance learning development and delivery. That means we can take complex information and deliver it in a user-friendly, clear, concise way. Communication has always been at the heart of what we do.

Jigsaw CCS was formed in 2006. We’ve ridden the highs and lows of the past few years but not fallen down, thanks to our friendly approachable, forward-thinking, transparent style. Oh, and being specialists and good at what we do too.

We are not only a genuine family run business but everyone in the team describes themselves as part of the Jigsaw CCS family. And before you get any ideas of The Waltons cooing goodnight to each other or the Butchers and the Beales at each other’s throats, what that actually means is we get on with each other, we work well together and we share the same values.

The whole collaborative working vibe extends to our clients as well. When we take on your project, it becomes our own. We have all the services under one roof which means we not only understand the processes but we can do them all as well… or as much or as little as you want us to do. It’s a partnership. No matter how big or small your project is, we get the job done.

Jigsaw Team

Rebecca Fahy As co-owner and managing director of Jigsaw CCS; Rebecca Fahy brings drive and energy to the company. A big fan of sports and the outdoors, she understands the determination needed to achieve goals and motivates her team in their strengths, working seamlessly together to produce the best results. An expert in design for mailing purposes, come and have a chat with Rebecca to see what visual impact you can achieve with your clients.

Lorna Harling Co-owner Lorna Harling brings her innovation and passion to her role as Operations Director. Her sound logic and reasoning skills mix with the Jigsaw CCS creative spark to create effective and efficient mailing solutions. Do you want value for money but still have an eye-catching campaign that won’t fail to hit the mark? Come have a cuppa with Lorna and translate your ideas into reality.

Kat Everett Operations Manager Kat Everett enjoys working at the head of her team to ensure quality is maintained every time. A lover of history, learning how things came to be where they are today, she views every angle of a project to make sure the most efficient methods are being followed. Her talent for transforming complex information into simple instructions makes her a valued colleague in the Jigsaw CCS team.

Anita Sant delights us all with her home baked cakes! Her passion for getting it just right in cooking translates to her financial assistant role with us as she keeps our business running smoothly, balancing the books with a precise eye. If you have a question about invoices or how payment works with us she can help you through the process easily and at your pace.

Chris Powell is the warehouse assistant and keeps a close eye on the fulfilment and post coming and going through the work area. Chris Powell is a man of many talents. In his role of Mailing Assistant he is our resident expert on packing posting, weighing, tying. He has an imagination unrivalled and always manages to think of ingenious solutions to any packing query. We love Chris’s thirst for challenges and how much he enjoys getting stuck into everything from simple letters-into-envelopes to complex mailing designs.

Julia Bryant, one of our Client Relationship Managers, loves getting involved in wildlife projects. Seeing plans come to life with variety and originality is what she loves and why she is so passionate about the work we do here. She will take you from start to finish with your campaign, communicating every stage of the process and is just at the end of a phone for anything you need.

Rachel Hopkinson has a keen eye for detail and nothing escapes her notice. She is our Production and Marketing Assistant and you can trust her to produce a quality finish on your project. A degree in fine art behind her, Rachel’s creativity and love of getting things just right drives her forward to achieving the best visual effect in your campaign.

Kerry Merrett loves variety and being busy so she’s a perfect match for the role of Mailing Assistant. Making sure that the printers keep running and that we’re following process she helps to ensure that jobs are fulfilled on time and to the high standard required. But Kerry’s day doesn’t end there, as she’s also a Childminder so goes home to look after 4 local children before her own brood return - no wonder her time management is so good.

Becky Brooks' role as our Mail and Call Assistant allows her to do what she does best, engage with people with her naturally friendly and sociable character by telephone. She loves the variety of people she engages with and enjoys the variety of subjects discussed. Variety being the spice of life she’ll read just about anything, loves art and animals and helps out in the Church Office.

Larry the lovable Lurcher can often be seen loping around our office bringing energy and fun to the team in the warehouse! Our resident pooch, he’s a bundle of laughs that enjoys getting stuck in so fits brilliantly into the Jigsaw CCS atmosphere.

Our warehouse team are a dynamic crew of fulfilment enthusiasts who love to get a job done well. They relish the opportunity to try a new creative idea and are experts in any sort of hand fulfilment you could need doing whether it be envelope stuffing, ribbon tying, packs collating and much more. We are specialists in print-based communications and despatch and delivery because of our amazing team. Their hard work and determination means we are always reaching new heights of creativity and possibility.

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